Disco parties

We welcome parties that hold a disco but ask all users to follow the following guidelines.


  • Please be aware of noise levels when setting the speaker volumes.  We live in a residential neighbourhood and the walls of the building are quite thin.  Please act as a responsible neighbour and be aware of volume levels.


  • Please keep the windows and doors shut as much as possible to contain the noise.   Windows and doors opposite the main entrance should always be kept closed as the noise regularly disturbs residents in Astaire Avenue who back onto the Centre.   There is a reversable electric fan in the wall by the serving hatch that will help ventilation. 


  • All equipment must be plugged into the RCB plug on the wall containing the serving hatch. The breaker is to the far right side of the wall by the tables.  This is a requirement of our entertainments licence.


  • Using a smoke machine will set off the fire alarms.   Please do not use this type of equipment.   If the alarm bells are set off by a smoke machine you will lose the £50.00 damage deposit to cover the call out to reset the alarm.

  • If you use strobe lighting it is your responsibility to check that none of your guests are affected by this.

  • All equipment brought on to the premises of the Bridgemere Centre is totally your responsibility.  We will accept no responsibility whatsoever for damage caused.



During the disco we ask users not to tamper with the fire bells or smoke detectors.   This equipment is in place for your safety. 



All other booking conditions still apply.

Centre Manager, 12/01/2005